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Keith's love of adventure and the outdoors has taken him around the globe, enabling him to collect images that express the beauty and uniqueness that the eye registers. From a tent safari on Africa's Serengeti Plains, to the Alaskan frontier and the American Southwest, you will appreciate Keith's keen eye, and most importantly, his vision, making you feel as if you are personally engaged in these remarkable images.

The goal of Erickson Photos is for you to have a personal connection to each image, and to feel Keith's experiences through visualization. Use your imagination and tap into the allure, adventure, and cultural diversity that speaks to you without saying a word. Interpretation is yours for the taking. Each unique photo within the gallery is a just a small representation of Keith's work. To review his entire portfolio, or to inquire about a specific image, please contact us directly.

The equipment of choice is a Pentax 645n medium format SLR camera with Pentax auto-focus lenses. The actual image size of the 6 x 4.5 is approximately 2.7 times larger than the 35mm format. This allows stunning enlargements with subtler gradation, better color fidelity and finer resolution. Film is Kodak Professional Portra and Ektachrome. Keith scans negatives and transparencies on the Minolta Dimage Scan Multi Pro. Prints up to 13" x 19" are produced with the Epson 2200. Leading photo finishers are used for larger sizes. Adobe Photoshop and color management plug-ins are used for specific photo enhancement. Epson Professional Media Gloss is used on prints 13" x 19" or smaller, unless otherwise specified.